1. Object

The Terms and Conditions herein are applicable any time you access our website or purchase goods directly from it.

Kezbiz limited is a specialist in the field of digital assets

The duty of the following Terms and Conditions is to provide clear and accurate definition of the sales conditions between Kezbiz limited and its Customers. Within the terms of this accordance, the Customer is agreed to be any individual or legal being having made purchases through the Kezbiz limited website www.kezbiz.co.uk

2. Application Field

The following Sales Terms and Conditions relate to the sale of digital assets obtainable through www.kezbiz.co.uk on the date the order is placed.

The solicitation of said Terms and Conditions is activated the moment the order is placed. In the event that the terms of this agreement differ due to the manner in which the order was created, such a difference would be expressly and clearly stated.

3. Territoriality

The use of the www.kezbiz.co.uk website and any contracts formed are governed by English law.

It is expressly mentioned that should a dispute occur, an out-of-court settlement is to be favoured by the parties.

4. Capacity to make agreements

As the acquisition of goods available on the kezbizr website is not a commonplace act, so any Customer of kezbiz declares that he/she has the capacity to contract the terms hereafter, i.e. he/she is emancipated or has legal majority and is not under the protection of any by-laws.

5. Customer Acceptances

When the customer submits an order, he/she automatically accepts the present Terms and Conditions. Said Terms and Conditions are valid with the exclusion of any other terms, except by written agreement signed by the parties.

Terms and Conditions are available for reading on the website.

6. Amendment to the Terms and Conditions of Sale

The present Terms and Conditions are subject to adjustments at any time. It should be stressed that the Customer reads them on a regular basis. Each version is specifically dated. Therefore, any orders placed by the customer are governed by the online Terms and Conditions in effect at the time at which orders are placed.

7. Product Specifications

kezbiz aims to provide accurate and comprehensive information in reference to the goods’ ordered.

8. Pricing

• kezbiz’s prices are in constant flux, and are liable to change at any time; the prices shown are subject to adjustments at any time.

• All prices are clearly disclosed provided there are no obvious typographical errors.

9. Placing an order

Placing an order through kezbiz requires the customer to complete an online registration form including personal/payment details. kezbiz urges customers to thoroughly proof read the information entered before validating his/her order. kezbiz is neither responsible for sending e-mails to the wrong e-mail address nor for sending digital assets to the wrong delivery wallet address, should the form have been incorrectly filled-out.

10. Submitting your id before you place your first order with kezbiz.

Please note we require you to submit your id before you place an order with us, if it is your first time of doing business with kezbiz; this is to ensure we follow anti money laundering regulations.

11. Payment

Payment should only be sent to our uk bank account. Please ensure you confirm the bank account details before placing any order with kezbiz.

12. Delivery

kezbiz will deliver the digital assets to the customers digital wallet, this digital wallet address is to be confirmed by the customer, kezbiz we not be held liable if the customer provide an incorrect digital wallet address. Customers are advice to double check their digital wallet before sending it to kezbiz.

13. Error on Invoice

Should any mistakes appear on the Customer’s invoice, he/she must inform kezbiz by telephone or e-mail that the received items do not comply in the expected nature, quality or quantity to what was ordered and invoiced.

The above policies are part of our commitment to high quality service. They do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

VERSION OF 04th August 2021